Friday, October 8, 2010

Volcano Building Basics

Science is so much fun! If it were up to Milo and Kiah, they would do science all day, every day!
Here are the directions to build a simple, yet effective volcano...

First, you will need a tub to put everything in and a pint-sized mason jar (or any jar for that matter) to hold the "volcanic" ingredients.

Next, follow Milo's instructions: Please note that we only had apple cider vinegar on is recommended to use white or distilled vinegar. Also, any dish soap will work, in this instance, we used Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds.

Once the "volcano" has been built and packed around the jar, Milo also says you can "add some prettiness if you want, like stones and little trees".

 Finally, gather around with friends, follow the steps above, and Wah Lah!

 We found that the "explosion" happens rather quickly, so if you add a bit more vinegar at the end, you will get a second explosion!!


cutelittlething said...

oh this is a kids dream come true...messy, fun, explosive!!!!

Mike said...

When I was little I loved to add baking soda to vinegar. The affect of making the two was so cool.