Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hush little baby, don't you cry, mama's gonna hold you by and by

Attachment Parenting! Yay for Attachment Parenting! I was browsing through 1000Markets and stumbled upon some little lovies for your new babe.

Whether you are loungin' around the house or out in the community, baby wearing is so cool! Wear your baby with this great ring sling from Lil Peepers Keepers I wore my babies until they were 4 and until my shoulders couldn't bear it any longer! But, boy, do I have some sweet mama muscles now!

Out on the Town? Be sure to dress your little one in an adorable outfit from One Girl Circus and don't forget a hat to keep her noodle warm from The Yarn Chick

Teething monster in the house? Be sure to check out these little wooden teething rings from our shoppe can even add a little essential oil of Clove or Lavendar to liven up the experience! Tie one on to your sling ring!

Feeding time? Here is a bundle of "Eat Your Veggies" bibs from Kunkle Baby and don't forget the wee little wooden spoon from our shoppe!

Whew! What a day! Now it must be Nap time!? Be sure to snuggle your baby in this sweet little Noonie from LaLa's Pequinos and lull her to sleep with a colorful, flying angel mobile from FlyingZoo Then, you can either A. take a nap with her or B. write down every little detail about her with this cute journal from This Is It and arrange all the sweet photos in this photo album keepsake from DaisyBlu