Thursday, November 27, 2008

Try this yummy Raw Cranberry Sauce

We like to make a raw cranberry sauce...with cranberries, an apple, orange juice, bit of sugar (can use maple syrup or honey), lime juice, zest of orange and lemon, add any spices if you like (cloves, cinn., nutmeg)...blend it all up and whalah!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breadmen Bakeoff!

Last Wednesday, Ulla, from German Dolls posted a "Breadman Bakeoff" on the NaturalKids Blog...Our family was so inspired to make these little guys! We spent the day on Sunday baking.

We pretty much followed the recipe, maybe using a little more flour during the kneeding and rolling portion. I will try soaking the raisins next time and maybe add more lemon and honey instead of sugar. Such a tasty recipe - you can find it here!
Here are our creations...

Kiah, age 8, made the top row - (from left to right is a pregnant mama with a belly and bubbas to boot, a faerie with wings, and a breadman).

Milo, almost 5, made the bottom row - (from left to right is a turtle, mr. breadman, and a ghost).

Come play a game of Hide-n-Seek!

Where is the Mystery Gnome?

Starting Monday, November 17, the NaturalKids Team from Etsy is inviting folks to play a little game of hide-n-seek...

FaeRebecca has the best description of the game on the NaturalKids blog site

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Working as a Team!

I am part of Etsy Street Team. It is such a great team full of many wonderful and talented artists! Forty of the just over 90 (!) shops have recently come together to do some collective advertising. This cooperative website was created by FaerieRebecca and her Husband, Dave (Thank You!).

Please come and check out NaturalKids Store! This site features a awesome collection of galleries featuring soft dolls and toys, home decor, accessories, wood toys, felted goodies, open-ended creative playthings, and clothing. It is a site worth passing on to everyone you know! Treat your family and friends to natural, quality items that will last for generations.