Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let the Flow Begin!

Maple Sap flow, that is...

Our family tapped 50 maple trees this year and are now awaiting the warm days and coldie nights of March.

We will check our buckets daily and dump the delicious sap into storage containers. When we get enough sap stored, we will pour it into the sap be boiled down into yummy, yummy maple syrup. We are hoping to make enough syrup to last us the year and to give away as gifts. Kiah (age 8) and Milo (age 5) are taking notes on which trees run the best!

If you have a maple tree in your yard, or near you that you can tap, I highly recommend it ! Even if you do not plan on making syrup, the sap alone is wonderful to make tea or coffee or to just drink. If you do tap, be sure to do your research and also offer up a blessing or thank you to the tree in return for it's delicious sap.

Our sugar bush loop is great for skiing or just could get "lost" in there for hours!

My neighbor Jen and I like to do what we call "Tai Skiing" - this is were one of us leads the other, no talking...just listening to the sounds of nature and trying our best to quiet our minds. We may ski fast or slow, do a little ballet skiing, or whatever tickles our fancy! Then, when we come to a place that calls the leader to stop, the leader takes a few moments to lead a particular stretch, or deep breathing, or a series of movements, or just stops and listens. After our little session, the other person leads the next section of the trail.

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FairiesNest said...

his takes me back to my childhood in upper state NY. I loved sugaring time!