Friday, January 9, 2009

Save Handmade Toys from the CPSIA!

In case you haven't heard, the word on the street is that there is a new law regarding items made for children 12 and under - this law goes into effect February 10, 2009. The law was written in response to children's items that had high levels of lead and phthalates - these items came mostly from China in 2006.

This law was poorly written. As the law stands now, many handmade, cottage industries could be shut down because they cannot afford the required testing. Please visit these sites for more information:

Here are two websites for you to go in and vote! Keeping the issue high on the list is important for change...Please spare a few minutes of your time to let your voice be heard!

Site #1 - vote with the "vote now" button at left of the title "Save Small Business From the CPSIA"

Site #2 - here, do a "search for questions" with "cpsia" as the criteria. You can then vote on all the questions and also submit a question of your own if you like.

YAY! This article just came in - saying that the CPSIA has exempted natural items such as wool, silk, cotton, gemstones, and pearls...however there is no mention of wood!

Thanks for supporting Handmade!


germandolls said...

Hi! I told all my friends about it and told them to go vote and contact their representative. Nice post, Birchleaf!

D'Andrea said...

watching all this with great interest in Canada. Still cast a few votes so I hope that helps!

TheSingingBird said...

thank you for spreading the word! i voted too :)